Bernstein's controversial memorial works (paintings, sculpture and architectural structures) are exhibited and acquired by museums and collectors throughout the world. The works are historically grounded in world events using an ecclectic collision of disparate elements which range from the sacred to the profane. "My purpose has always been to provide the public with something more potent and effective than the commonplace - a means of transformation - mythological beasts - for issues like 9/11 and the holocaust - a representation of the un-representational"

Berntein has lectured at colleges and appeared on numerous tv programs to discuss 9/11 and art.

ARTIST’s STATEMENT: “Induced by the tempests of innovation, my studios breed a mythological vessel and alter-world for the interpretation of historically significant events. Catalytic cyclones, the works mix classic car parts, carnival implements, vintage motorcycle… with archeological and sacred materials (World Trade Center debris, egyptian pyramid dust, carnage remnants…)”. NB.


2006: Pennsylvania State Art Museum. "Art of the State"
2006: Jones Center/Museum for Contemporary Art. "New American Talents", juried by Aimee Chang, director of Orange County Museum of Contemporary Art, LA, CA.
2005: Allentown Museum of Art, Allentown, PA. – Juried exhibition.
2005: Pennsylvania State Museum, Harrisburg, PA. – “Art of the State” juried exhibit. Juror: Kathrine Calley Galitz, Metropolitan Museum of Art.
2005: Allentown Museum of Art, Allentown, PA. – “Myth and Magic” group exhibit
2004: Radio Europa, Cazenovia College, Syracuse, NY. – Lecture Series “The Arts of Terrorism”
2004: Europe mecca tv, art and terrorism. Bucks College, Newtown, PA. – Lecture Series “The Arts of Terrorism”
2003: Sofia Museum of Art, Sofia, Bulgaria – Ground Zero Memorial Works- One man exhibition.
2003: Tv Good Morning South Africa. Johannesburg Museum of Art, Johannesburg, South Africa – Ground Zero Memorial Works - One man exhibition.
2002: World Trace Center area, NY, NY – Ground Zero One Man 3000 square ft exhibition adjacent to ground zero.
2000: PNI Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. – Holocaust One Man Show
1998: Highwire Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. – Cutting Edge
1995: SteamRoller Gallery, Clinton, NJ. – One Man Show
1993: Port of History Museum, Philadelphia, PA. "Art On The Edge "
1991: Penn state college Reddins, PA. - “Art Now” TV Series guest speaker
1991-1996: HighWire Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. – One Man Shows
1991: Yeshiva, Old Jerusalem, Israel – Holocaust Works
1991: Massada, Israel - Dead Sea Siteworks.
1990: Kunstenarts Contemporary Arts, Amsterdam, Netherlands-Ten revolutionary american artists (co-ordinated w/Van Gogh
retrospective, 1990)

1988: Day of the Dead Architectural Towers, Philadelphia, PA.
1980-1984: New Hope Artsl, New Hope, PA.
1979: Auswitz, Germany -Site work outside the gates of prison camp.

1978: Dachau, West Germany – Holocaust Works at the gates of Dachau.
1976: Fort Gordon, GA. –(10) Building Murals.

1992-1995: Goddard College, Plainfield, VT. – Architecture, Philosophy, Writing.
1986-1992: Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA. – School of Architecture.
1984-1986: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA.
1980-1984: Bucks County College of Fine Arts, PA.