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The Golden Gates Bridges Over Troubled Borders is designed to provide water, shelter, and a sense of accomplishment for migrants. The bridge has been constructed along main migrant trails in Arivaca, Nogales and Tombstone, Arizona and is currently at the Museum of Culture at the Santa Fe railyard complex. The bridge has been destroyed by vigilantes and vandals five times, most recently at its new home in Santa Fe, New Mexico on July 31, 2008.

The 40-foot luminous sculpture is a golden talisman and a beacon of hope for the hopeless. The Golden Gates Bridge also gives voice to those without voice as Bernstein has—since the project's genesis—asked migrants to graffiti the sculpture with messages to the art world.

Golden Gate Bridges

The Golden Gates Bridges memorial will be moved from location to location and signed by people from both sides of the border; it will then be trucked to Washington DC and New York City. It has already attracted international attention as means to broaden and deepen the dialog with reference to the tragic migrant issues at hand.

This is artwork that serves the people.

"This is artwork that serves the people. No profit is made from any of these memorials. We risk our lives daily to construct works which hopefully achieve some positive aesthetic, carnal and historic effect."

Neil Bernstein